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Over 20 years of experience
- Advanced laparoscopic general and weight loss surgery
- Watch the information seminar in the comfort of your home
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- Free mobile app to assist you in the weight loss surgery journey...
- Obesity surgery support groups every other month
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Surgical Weight Management and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center in the Greater Boston Area

Modern surgical practice just 10 minutes north of Boston with excellent track record, easy access, free parking.
What differentiates us from other weight loss surgery centers?

Personalized service

We listen and treat you as a person, not just one of the crowd. Our office staff will do everything possible to relieve the stress of a doctor's visit.

Working around your schedule

We try to accommodate your special requests as much as possible to make it easier for you to access ours services.

Connect with Us on BARITASTIC, a Free Mobile App

Use program code 02180 to access vast bariatric surgery resources anytime, anywhere at your fingertips, free of charge. Available for iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets.

Online Obesity Surgery Information Seminar

The information that is essential to make the decisions is available in the comfort of your home at the time that is convenient for you.

You will meet the doctor first, not in the end!

Many institutions will reserve the visit with the surgeon until the end of your preparation, sometimes a year after you begin.

We'll work with your insurance company

Insurance approval is often complicated for obesity surgery. If you meet your policy's criteria - we are ready to fight for approval.

Excellent long term results and safety profile

We have a very low complication rate and never had a death as a result of complications from weight loss surgery.

24/7 coverage and unlimited lifelong support

Should you experience problems related to weight loss surgery, we are just a phone call away any time, any day.


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