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Weight Loss Surgery Information Seminar

The Weight Loss Surgery Information Seminar is the first step in your journey to a healthier future!

The surgical weight loss information seminar was prepared for patients who would like to learn more about weight loss surgery.
Completion of the seminar and the mini quiz that immediately follows the presentation is mandatory if you would like to proceed with an office consultation. You should also print out and fill out completely the Assessment Form from the bottom of this page. Allow yourself about 30 minutes to complete the form and do this prior to your visit to the office.

In the presentation Dr. Sandor reviews the etiology of the obesity epidemic, the mechanisms of various weight loss therapies and the rational for surgical intervention in appropriately selected individuals. Realities versus expectations regarding adjustable gastric banding (the LapBandĀ® procedure and the RealizeĀ® band), the Roux-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy will be discussed.

image Potential candidates for surgery will have a unique opportunity to understand the preparation for surgery, perioperative management and postoperative care. They can set realistic expectations and plans for the time of surgery and for life after surgery.

There is absolutely no pressure to proceed with surgery for anyone who completes the seminar program.

You are encouraged to watch the program with a friend or a family member. If you have questions about an unclear aspect of the process, take notes and bring them with you to the office consultation. Your preparation should also include a visit to the support group meetings where you can meet patients who already had surgery and are willing to discuss their experiences.

Patients from overseas and out of state can also utilize this tool to learn about weight loss surgery and their options.

The presentation is password protected!

To obtain the password, please call 781 418-1900 and ask for Kathy Chaplain, Bariatric Program Coordinator. Alternatively, you may request the password via our free app on your iPhone or Android based phone and watch the entire seminar on your mobile device.

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