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Revisional Bariatric Procedures

Occasionally, due to a problem or lack of weight loss, a revisional surgery can be planned.

A procedure is called revisional when there is a problem with the outcomes of a surgery and modifications/corrections are necessary to achieve the desired results. A conversion procedure aims at converting one type of bariatric surgery to another. Examples of revisional bariatric surgery include

  • adjustable gastric band (Lap-Band, Realize Band) to sleeve gastrectomy conversion

  • adjustable gastric band (Lap-Band, Realize Band) to gastric bypass conversion

  • sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass conversion

  • gastric bypass reversal

Examples for revisional surgery include replacement or repositioning of adjustable gastric band for device malfunction or intolerance. In addition, there are occasions when a revision might be necessary due to rare unexpected problems like chronic marginal ulcer formation, anastomotis stenosis or gastro-gastric fistula.
Revisional weight loss surgery may be an option if your bariatric surgery had failed to provide long term success or you developed problems that require operative intervention and permanent change from the origininal weight loss surgery.

Decision to proceed with revisional surgery is made on an individual basis and is based on many factors. Tipically, revisional procedures are easier to perform if the original surgery was done laparoscopically.

Revisional bariatric surgery is technically much more challenging and carries a much higher risk of complications, such as leak, bleeding or even death!