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Mike's Weight Loss Journey at Commonwealth Weight Loss Center

Mike's Story

"Hello, my name is Mike Giso and I have a story to tell. Thanks to caring people like Dr. Sandor and his staff, I am around today to tell it.

I am a person who struggled with weight all his life. I had an insatiable appetite for food and would constantly tried to diet. No matter how much weight I fought hard to lose, I would gain even more back. I fought hard all my life not to let it get to me or keep me down and did accomplished many things even though there were obstacles at every turn.

Then one day I finally gave in and started to doubt myself and believed what people were saying behind my back just within ear shot or what they were saying with their eyes. Those in my situation would understand what I am saying. Because of this I started gaining more weight and was slowly becoming ill and felt like a burden on the people I loved. This was because some of the simple everyday things we do were becoming extremely difficult to accomplish and I would sometimes need help. This became very embarrassing because I was such a strong and proud person, one that others were supposed to depend one. This drove me deeper into myself and I gained even more weight. I reached the point were I was somewhere around four hundred pounds. I know this because the nurse at the doctor’s office was trying to be very polite as she stated that I could not be weighed. I was bigger then any scales limit in the office.

I was then introduced to Dr. Sandor and his staff by my doctor. Taking the time to really help me and making me feel like more then just a patient. He would take the time to really talk to you easing all your fears and allowed me to take the baby steps I needed by not rushing the situation. Dr. Sandor along with his staff is extraordinary people and I thank God for them every day. My life was given back to me. There are no words that can express what Dr. Sandor did for me and I don’t mean by just making me a healthier person and adding better years on to my life. I am talking about the other things that all of us in my former situation went through.

I now can enjoy going through life unnoticed, able to walk around like every other normal person without the looks and subtle sneers. Like going into a restaurant and being told you would have to wait for a table because the staff knew you would not fit into a booth or that odd look you got when they thought you order too much for yourself. Also to be able to go out in public to a movie or play knowing that you can now enjoy the experience without trying to squeeze into the seat and bothering the people around with your size. I can once again travel without getting that oh God here he comes look from the stewardesses at the airlines or with children whispering loudly to their parents, look at how fat he is. I no longer have any of those embarrassing little moments and can enjoy life with my wife and family unnoticed and for that I can never thank Dr. Sandor enough."

Here is Mike before his surgery, 6 months prior, at the time of his first office visit: