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Vitamins after Obesity Surgery

As a consequence to the changes in the absorption of food, absorption of certain vitamins and minerals will be affected after weight loss surgery.

Different surgical procedures result in a varying degree of malabsorption of nutrients and vitamins. These must be supplemented in the form of vitamins for a lifetime. In addition, the use of high quality concentrated protein drinks is necessary in the immediate post surgical period to supply you body with the essential protein calories, until you are able to consume solid food.

"So what happens if I don't take my vitamins?"

Severe nutritional deficiencies may develop, which may include:

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Thiamine or Folate Deficiency
  • Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Possible early osteoporosis
  • Hair thinning or loss during weight loss

Recommended Vitamin Regimen Following Weight Loss Surgery

The recommendations for vitamin supplementation after surgery differ between banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. Among these, gastric bypass requires the most rigorous vitamin regimen. The general recommendation is taking one multivitamin tablet three times a day along with one calcium 600 + D tablet two or three times a day. Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy patients should also take one sublingual vitamin B12 tablet daily. It is also important to separate calcium intake and the rest of the vitamins and certain other medications, like thyroid hormone supplements to assure good absorption.

There are huge differences between multivitamin tablets regarding quality and composition, especially iron content. The ingredients are sometimes changed in many brand name vitamin products and missing one component for a long time may have very serious consequences after obesity surgery. Perhaps the easiest tablet to take right after surgery is the chewable Flintstones with Iron Children's Multivitamin tablet three times a day. On the long run, however, these may not provide the sufficient nutrients.

Never switch to a new multivitamin product without consulting with us first!

A vitamin sale at COSTCO is tempting but the ingredients are unlikely to be sufficient for your needs.

1. After careful review of the commercially avalable vitamin products, we recommend taking 2-3 tablets throughout the day of one the following products:
Centrum Silver Women
CVS Spectravite Ultra Women
Flintstones with Iron
One-A Day Womens

2. In addition , calcium 600 + D tablets 2-3 times a day must be taken, preferentially of the following products. Try to take half your calcium in citrate form for even better absorption:
Caltrate 600D
Caltrate 600 Plus


3. Vitamin B12 sublingual tablet (at least 500 mcg) once a day (this should melt in your mouth, do not swallow!):

B12 Dots
B12 Microlozenges
B12 Quick Dissolve

Our improved understanding of nutrient absorption and novel pharmaceutical technologies allowed for the engineering of vitamin products that specifically target the needs of patients following weight loss surgery. The chemical composition of the elements in these products are optimized for absorption following weight loss surgery and alllow for a simplified regimen.

Bariatric Fusion
Bariatric Advantage

These products are not available through generic retail stores and require ordering online. Check out our Web Store for the direct links to these online vendors.

Download the current recommendation for postoperative vitamin regimen following weight loss surgery